DR.Alongkot Chukaew

Programme Director

A highly esteemed member of the EEC family, Alongkot, has the breadth of knowledge and experience to rival any so called experts. Upon receiving his scholarship from the Smithsonian Institute, Washington D.C. Alongkot returned to his beloved Thailand to truly enforce a change.

As director of the “Thai Elephant Research and Conservation Fund” Alongkot has made a life of protecting nature including years of wildlife conservation initiatives. His expertise in wildlife care stems from 20 years of work spanning from research in botanical biology, marine conservation programs, educating local communities, schools, universities and large MNC’s on the importance of wildlife care and the severity of environmental issues.

His tangible work includes various highly credited publication, numerous books including “Elephants in the Mist” as well as his relations with National Geographic and the BBC.

However it is his intangible impact that we proudly boast our key member of the EEC, the countless smiles Alongkot has given to the hopeless, creating and pushing the “Thai Blind Orchestra” to success and inner happiness to the satisfaction of those who helped protect the pristine beauty of Thailand’s coastline, the comfort of endangered animals once taken in his care and for so much more we believe all participants will be in great hands with Alongkot Chukaew.


DR.Phanuwat Prasertphong


Known to children as “Dr. K”, he is a cheerful instructor who likes to create fun learning experience at our camp. Dr. K is exceedingly knowledgeable in environmental chemistry. In addition to bachelor’s degree in chemistry and master’s degree in environmental management technology, he also opted to study about the environment in more detail for his doctorate degree.

Dr. K’s previous works are in the fields of chemistry, industrial ecology, and environment and resources. He is currently a full-time professor at the Faculty of Environment and Resource Studies in Mahidol University as well as a researcher at the Industrial Ecology Research and Training Center.

Dr. K is undoubtedly another valuable personnel at EEC because of his love for the environment and desire to pass on knowledge to children and young adults. Dr. K has since become an expert instructor at EEC and, to no surprise, we often see curious children following him and asking him questions constantly. Whatever their questions are, Dr. K can answer them very clearly.


DR.Pinavet Kongyoungyune


From his bachelor’s degree to doctorate degree, “Dr. Max” is a determined 27-year-old instructor who particularly focuses on environmental engineering while also branching out to environmental education and environmental technology. Dr. Max always shares his knowledge and teaches children and juniors various skills in science, mathematics, physics, and biology.

Dr. Max contributed largely in two national level projects. The first as a research assistant in the collaboration between the Ministry of Industry and Kasetsart University to enforce “groundwater” law in Thailand. Another is his involvement with JICA, an organization from Japan, on “Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers.”

EEC believes that Dr. Max’s accomplishment will not conclude here. He is a role model for many children who want to preserve, reinforce, and improve our environmental system by using environmental friendly

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