Advanced Wildlife Camp

Date : Oct 26-29, 2017

Duration : 4 days, 3 nights

Age : 10 years old & above

Location : Surat Thani



* Price excludes transportation costs to and from camp

* Parents are able to join camp (with additional cost)

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EEC has designed informational as well as recreational activities to run alongside each other with the involvement of process facilitators, scientists, conservationists, philosophers and the community under the management of our Program Director. We focus on the understanding and systematic thinking towards the meaning of environmental education, which will help raise consciousness of the world society to protect and preserve natural resources and culture.


Advanced Wildlife

1. The diversity of plants and wildlife

2. Observe and study nature by boat

3. Explore migratory feeding routes of wildlife

4. Study animal diversity from tracks that appear

5. Indigenous knowledge on understanding wildlife

6. Study the behaviours of nocturnal animals

7. Different types of forests

8. Study human use of the forest

9. Ethnobotany

10. Record research findings and analyse data

11. Learning summary activity

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