Jun 11, 2015


Welcome to EEC THAILAND (Environmental Education Centre)

“Let nature be your classroom”


Welcome to EEC! Our camps have been expertly designed to garner both education and entertainment for all participants. Join us today and experience nature at its best!


EEC (Environmental Educational Centre) is an organization which offers camps for children all over the world. On our camps, we aim to educate students by giving them new experiences and opportunities to interact with nature, creating an understanding for the methods and importance of natural conservation. All camps encourage participants to understand the ecological relationship between different living creatures. We offer a variety of activities such as hiking, camping, and observing wild animals on our Wild life Camps.  Whilst our Marine life camps include activities such as sailing, snorkeling and scuba diving for participants to study the biological side of the underwater world.

In addition, EEC provides an opportunity for those with a desire to do Volunteer work in Thailand, whether it be individually or corporate alike. We facilitate EXCLUSIVE camps for organizations that wish to do their CSR, creating a mutually beneficial outcome for both parties.  Our camps also cater to schools and families who are seeking a new experience with nature.