is an organization that provides direct environmental education, focusing on the conservation of environment along with comprehensive yet entertaining information through camping. Children and EEC members will get to learn about the environment and witness more than 20 years of experience in ways that are unique to EEC. We give importance to the children’s learning process in order to instill good conscience in the youth and the general public in Thailand and overseas.

What we do

EEC camps aim to educate and influence participants to recognize their involvement in the conservation of natural resources around the world with the hope that everyone will see the true value of nature through these activities. Above all, we intend to cultivate learning and conscience by spending quality time with nature and relax from the stress of everyday life; creating positive attitude and motivation for an optimistic outlook on life while reducing mental conflict. This codependency is indeed essential to live harmoniously with nature which can be adapted for use for the rest of their lives.


With the belief that public participation can contribute tremendously to long-term conservation of natural resources, EEC was born out of invention, analysis, and formation of activities that are suitable for bringing society towards environmental education, resulting in recognition, understanding, and aspirations of the people involved in protecting natural resources and its sustainable usage as per our core slogan, “Let The Nature Be Our Classroom.”


EEC aims to reach various public groups, particularly children and youth, family institutions, educational institutions, and local and overseas public and private agencies by designing environmental education procedures and processes for different target groups and creating a force that will help protect the earth’s resources, preserve and restore the degradation of natural resources in the long run, and capitalize on the principles of sustainable development.